Soccer Boots

A good pair of soccer boots is key to a good game. The studs on the bottom of your soccer shoes allow you to make all those tight turns, stop in a hurry and get that all important leverage in your kicks. Without a good pair of boots you’ll be slipping and sliding all over the pitch meaning you’ll miss all the passes and slip exactly when you need to make a goal-saving tackle.

Stanno is the soccer store you have been looking for when it comes to your soccer shoes. Whether you need kids soccer shoes or boots for adults you can order in bulk directly from us and have your team fitted and studded up for the season.

Every foot is different and our soccer boots come in a range of materials and fits to suit every players needs. Some players love a leather boot, they’re durable, they don’t chafe and they’re flexible meaning they move with your feet.

Some players feel more comfortable with synthetic leather, especially if they play on damp pitches. The beauty of synthetic leather is that they don’t stretch in wet conditions, making them perfect for teams that play in rainy areas.

We also offer molded and detachable studs to suit all conditions. If your playing on the wet you’ll love the grip our detachable studs provide and if you play on dry, hard pitches you’ll love the comfort and freedom of movement across the ground that our moulded studs offer.

The look of the boots is as important as the material and studs. Players will feel more confident if they’re wearing a pair of shoes they love. Players can take their on-field identity from the aesthetic of their shoes, whether it’s the striker with a loud pair of fluro boots or the dour defender in the traditional black, you can allow your team to create their own look with our range of football boots.

If you’re looking for a soccer store that caters to all of your soccer uniform needs Stanno is the place for you. You can place bulk orders for: